Why do I need a Doula? I already have a Midwife

A midwife is there to perform medical procedures and evaluate you and your baby’s well being. A doula is there exclusively to support you emotionally and physically. A doula works for you so is not bound by hospital policy.

A doula is an excellent choice if you are unable to have continuous midwifery care. Your doula will be there with you continuously and just for you, whereas a midwife may need to check on other patients in labour or even change over shifts after a certain time so sometimes you’ll have multiple midwifes coming and going in your room. Plus part of their role as well is filing out paperwork which can take up a lot of time unfortunately that takes away from that one-on-one support.

A doula will help facilitate communication between you and your care provider and advocate for you. Having a familiar face with you is reassuring and calming.
A doula will come to your house to help you labour if you choose to spend early labour at home. S
he will ensure your partner is looked after and supported as well.