VBACs and Doulas

Yes, in fact I had a VBAC. Short story, my daughter was breach and tried almost everything to turn her…but with living 45mins away from hospital it brought more complications to attempt a natural birth still. A scheduled cesarean was my first birth experience. Then my 2nd pregnancy, my son was head down, and no other complication arose, so I was able to pursue a vaginal birth and 5 hours later, from first contraction at 42weeks, I met my son on the hospital floor. Having a doula/second midwife was what helped me get through it in the end. Her supporting me and guiding me along made such a difference, I don’t know how it would have turned out if I didn’t have her by my side.

“Numerous clinical studies have found that with a doula who provides continuous support during labor, women have shorter labors, fewer complications , and fewer cesareans. Women are also less likely to need pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), drugs for pain relief including an epidural, and forceps or vacuum extraction. They are also more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience. Research shows that all women should be allowed and encouraged to have continuous support during labour. The ancient tradition of wise women caring and guiding other women in the journey through birth is making a comeback. In an increasingly high-tech environment, birth doulas are gaining popularity with expectant parents and quickly becoming an integral part of the maternity healthcare team.

Studies from several countries including the United States, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Guatemala and Mexico show that when doulas attend births, women have shorter easier labors, request less pain medications including epidurals, are less likely to require oxytocin to speed up labor, and the use of forceps or vacuum extractors. Babies are also healthier and breastfeed more easily. Mothers have also said they were much more satisfied with their birth experience.” -From http://www.vbac.com