Postnatal Doula Package


I offer education, companionship and nonjudgmental support during the postpartum fourth trimester. I will assist with newborn care, breastfeeding support, and the family adjustments. Don’t ever think you have to learn it all on your own, and don’t feel guilty asking for help especially if you don’t have any family or support to help you during this very important time in you and your babies life.






“Hundreds of cultures all over the world recognize this rare sacred opportunity. My teacher, a very wise woman named Ysha Oakes, taught me the phrase, ’40 days for 40 years’ to show the significance that these 40 days of rejuvenation have on the rest of a woman’s’ life. The sacred window after birth can be an opportunity to heal chronic or lifelong conditions permanently, or on the other hand, if women are neglected during this ‘golden month’ hey can develop long term emotional, mental or physical health problems. [85% of mothers here in Australia report being exhausted and overwhelmed during their first 6 weeks postpartum and beyond.]

This is why hundreds of thousands of women today still practice traditional forms of ‘confinement’ or ‘lying in’ for 30-40 days after childbirth. The vast majority of these cultures cook and clean for newborn mothers, massage them with special herbs and oils, keep them warm and wrap their beautiful bellies.

But here in the West, where we no longer practice these nourishing traditions, our breastfeeding rates are low and postnatal depression and divorce rates are high. And did you know that the leading cause of maternal deaths here in Australia, US and UK is suicide?” Nourishing Newborn Mothers by Julia Jones

So again I am just filling in what tasks are not able to get done and help make this transition as smooth as possible with providing not just physical support, but emotional support as well which is huge when mothers are alone and have no local support or they just want to be left alone to rest, because there is just to many visitors!

I will be available, as soon as you need me after the birth, till up to 6 weeks or more after. You hire me for how ever many hours a day, or days a week, or weeks a month, till you feel settled in enough to not need me anymore.

Postpartum Packages all include:
  • debriefing the birth/emotional support
  • postnatal comfort measures,
  • Infant feeding support (breast, bottle, pump)
  • sleep and settling support,
  • light household chores-cleaning & laundry, dishes
  • preparing nutritious meals,
  • running errands
  • even looking after older siblings at home
  • Babywearing support and guidance
  • essential oils advocate, access to my blends (Doterra 100% pure oils)
  • hand, foot and neck massages
  • gel and polish manicures and pedicures
Settle in at home and find your rhythm with 15 hours of daytime support over 2 weeks.
WELCOME REST |  $1,000
Rest easy knowing you will have 30 hours of daytime support over 4 weeks.
CUSTOM WELCOME* |…To be discussed
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