Childbirth Workshops

So many of us do so much research and preparation into buying a house, a car, or where our kids should go to school, which diet to try and so much more…but sometimes we can forget to put the same energy in preparing to have a baby!


That’s why is so important to spend just a little bit of time out of your 9 months of pregnancy to educate yourself on what to expect your bodies changes will undergo, what you may feel emotionally through-out pregnancy and labour and just basic info about your choices/ rights you have that sometimes get minimized during your pregnancy or labour that you really wish you would have known before!
When you join in any of my workshops, you will leave feeling more informed, understood and more confident than you were before you came. Our workshops will give you the essential information and practical tools you need to feel confident and prepared for your birth and labour, plus important and relevant local information about giving birth here in Nowra and surrounding areas.

Private birth Classes

My Sacred Birth & Beyond offers private classes for up to 2 couples at a time and focuses on physiology, birth skills and decision making. They can be tailored to your specific needs. This flexible option allows you to choose the time and place or even bring another pregnant friend to share the cost. Prices start at $250 for 6 hours of content and can be spread over multiple sessions if you wish.

Specific Themed workshops

Are available upon request and with minimum 2 mums/couples. Specific themed workshops are about 1-2 hours long and range from $25-50 per couple.  Different topics include:

  • “The real n Raw” of labour and birth-open to any, but geared mostly to couples who already given birth but want to have a better labour and birth experience
  • “Dads informed” group classes for the birthing partners to learn how to best support their pregnant women, receive advice and guidance for physical, emotional and information support.
  • VBAC (Vaginal Births After Cesareans) and how I can better my chances
  • Planned cesareans, what I should know beforehand
  • ‘Labour pain’ what am I really in for?
  • Transitioning into motherhood (what to expect for the first 3 months)
  • Breastfeeding support/guidance
  • Birth debriefing with others or private, (including birth closure from traumatic birth experiences.)


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