Induced Labour

“Among other things, Induced Labor was listed as under, worse than normal childbirth”-

This is typically believed to be because your body is thrown into labor and rather than a slow build up, the goal is to get you to contractions every three minutes as quickly as possible and stay there until the baby comes out. I’d like to add that there are also many interventions used in labor, that add to the pain for labor, usually by restricting movement or causing fear in labor. Choosing interventions wisely and using them in ways to alleviate these potential side effects can address this. A birth plan is a great way to address that issue.

Though the next time you find yourself thinking that childbirth is the most painful thing you can go through, why don’t you stop and try to retrain your brain. Tell yourself that pain experienced in labor is only temporary, typically does not last for days, and it is intermittent. Remind yourself that you have many more tools to deal with labor that you learn in childbirth class than you would if you had broken your arm. That labor is more predictable than a gallstone or kidney stone. And the outcome is much happier than a root canal.


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